This section of my website gives galleries of the current projects that I am working on.

These are not "pretty pictures" of obvious places. Rather, they are studies of particular themes. Often abstract in nature, they provide a more intimate view of the landscape, giving an insight in to the details of a place. Conventionally, a landscape photographer will make an image with the intention of showing the viewer what he or she would have seen, had they been stood next to the photographer. Here, I am hoping to give the viewer a glimpse of stuff that they probably wouldn't have seen; the unseen.

These images are for sale, using the drop down menu by each photo. However, they aren't commercial, I don't think, because what most people want are mementos of places that they have visited or live close to. Whilst, in my opinion, these are much better photographs than the pretty pictures of places, and they are certainly far more challenging to do well, from a photographic perspective, whether anyone wants one on their wall, is doubtful!